Stolen 2021 EVGA graphics cards in the US are for sale in Vietnam

The shipment that was supposed to arrive in San Francisco disappeared in November and only now has its destination revealed.

In November 2021, the EVGA, which works in partnership with NVIDIA in the production of dedicated GPUs, reported that a truck containing RTX 30 video cards had been stolen. After several reports that the products could have ended up on mining farms, they were found at a shopkeeper in Vietnam who promises discounts in exchange for a limited warranty period.

The information comes from a source on the VideoCardz website, who claimed to have found the cards being sold at a price considered consistent with the market, but with only a one-month warranty. Previously, the same retailer responsible for sales had been accused of using part of stolen cargo to build mining rigs.

The EVGA shipment was supposed to arrive in San Francisco, Calif., but was diverted to an uncertain destination midway. According to the manufacturer, there were video cards priced between $330 and $1960 in the package, which means the presence from entry-level models to GPUs with more powerful features and limited manufacturing.

GPUs were identified by serial code

According to the source consulted by VideoCardz, confirmation that the cards for sale in Vietnam belong to the stolen shipment came via device serial number. She claims to have purchased at least two NVIDIA GeForce 3080Ti units, whose codes were checked on EVGA’s official website.

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One thing that stands out is the fact that, while product deviations from the production and distribution line are not exactly uncommon, they are usually resold discreetly and through alternate routes. In the case of EVGA boards, diverted units are available from a well-known retailer (Cong Nguyen) and are openly available to the general public.

In theory, consumers who purchase GPUs have a responsibility to return them to the manufacturer, but that’s highly unlikely to happen — especially at a time when finding a card that’s close to the suggested price remains difficult. It remains to be seen how EVGA will handle the situation and whether this will result in any punishment for Cong Nguyen, who has become famous both for exhibiting cryptocurrency mining structures and for usually stocking rare items such as the component line. from Asus inspired by the Gundam series.


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Source: VideoCardz

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