Video: Teen is caught throwing newborn in the trash in the US

An 18-year-old girl was caught on surveillance cameras throwing a newborn baby into a dumpster in Hobbs, New Mexico (USA). According to local police, the crime took place on the 7th and the woman was formally charged on Monday (10th)

According to agents, three people were rummaging through the trash in search of valuables when they discovered the baby in a garbage bag. The child still had the umbilical cord. According to agents, the baby was in the dump for approximately six hours.

After being rescued, the child was taken to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, and is stable. Through security camera footage, investigators were able to track down suspect Alexis Avila’s car.

To agents, the woman told that she did not know she was pregnant until January 6 and had the baby a day later. According to Ávila, she “panicized” after giving birth, put the baby in a garbage bag and drove before throwing the child in the trash.

Avila was charged with attempted murder. Police said they are trying to contact the child’s father, who they believe is a minor. Avila told agents that she ended her relationship with him last year.

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