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THE Whatsapp is the app that Brazilians open the most throughout the day, according to a survey “Panorama”, carried out in December by the website Mobile Time and the company in research solutions Opinion Box, with 2,036 people who have smartphones.

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The messaging app leads handily with 54%, and is followed by Instagram with 15% and Facebook with 7%. All belong to Meta, founded by Mark Zuckerberg. In fourth place, YouTube appears, with 2%, while other applications add up to 22%.

The classification is repeated for the apps that Brazilians spend more time on throughout the day. In this criterion, WhatsApp leads with 33% and followed by Instagram, with 27%.

Then comes Facebook, with 10%, and YouTube, with 7%. Video apps also appear in this ranking: TikTok registers 3%, while Kwai, 2%, the same percentage as Twitter. Added together, the other applications are equivalent to 16%.

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The survey also presents data on the presence of apps on smartphones. WhatsApp was present on 54% of the devices, which represents stability in relation to the previous 12 months.

Instagram (42%) and Facebook (37%) fell compared to the previous year, when they registered 45% and 43%, respectively.

The mobile presence of Nubank (13%), YouTube (12%) and Uber (12%) apps remained stable, while Telegram (11%) and PicPay (10%) increased. Among banks, the Caixa app (10%) fell and Banco do Brasil (9%) remained stable.

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