Dam in Rio Acima rises to risk level 2 – Gerais

Dams at the Fernandinho Mine
Dams at the Fernandinho Mine, in Rio Acima, Greater BH (photo: Edsio Ferreira/EM/DA Press – 03/19/2018)

The B2 dam at the Fernandinho Mine, in Rio Acima, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, has been upgraded to emergency level 2. Information from Companhia Siderrgica Nacional (CSN). The site will be inspected today (11/1), according to the Civil Defense.

The dam is the responsibility of Minrios Nacional, which is part of the CSN group. (…) due to the high volume of rains in the last few days in Minas Gerais, and in alignment with the design company Fontntes Engenharia, it activated the level 2 of emergency of the dam known as B2, located in Rio Acima (MG), according to the guidelines of the Mining Dam Emergency Plan (PAEBM)”, reads the note released this Tuesday.

According to the mining company, there are no more residents in the Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS) and the team works to minimize the impacts on the structure. “With the reduction in rainfall, it will be possible to proceed with the repairs to restore the safety level. Finally, it informs that the competent bodies have already been notified, and remains at the disposal of the authorities”, he concludes.

Also this morning, the State Civil Defense Coordination (Cedec) of Minas Gerais also released a note informing that it was informed of the increase in the level of risk at the dam by CSN through telephone contact.

“The bodies responsible for inspecting the mining dams will carry out an on-site inspection this morning, January 11, 2022”, says the body. “It is important to point out that there was no rupture of the dam and that there is no population downstream of it. It is also worth noting that emergency level 2 does not indicate the imminent risk of the structure breaking”, reinforces Cedec.

Communiqué from the Civil Defense of Minas Gerais
(photo: Cedec-MG/Disclosure)

There are three emergency levels for dams. Level 2 indicates that the structure is in need of repair and requires evacuation of the Self-Save Zones.

THE State of Mines contacted the Municipality of Rio Acima, by e-mail, and is awaiting a response.

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