Gusttavo Lima is sued for disclosing cell phone number in new hit

The singer Gusttavo Lima is being prosecuted in court. The reason? In his new song, “Blocked”, there is mention of a phone number that exists in real life, and its owner is being harassed for it. The song’s clip on YouTube has already surpassed 26 million views. Here is the snippet in question:

“I know I can’t call

For those who already forgot me

Heart promised never to relapse

But now he’s lost, he’s got no dignity

I missed you

The ones that the heart burns


Look at me relapse again”

(Image: Playback/Instagram)

Gusttavo Lima is being sued over the song “Bloqueado”(Image: Playback/Instagram)


In court, the woman claimed that as of 8/24/21 she became the object of an inexplicable harassment made by strangers through her cell phone number, having received numerous calls and countless messages via WhatsApp, all without any connection. with your network of contacts.

After analyzing them, she says she discovered that her number was inserted – improperly and without any authorization or knowledge on her part – in the lyrics of the song “Bloqueado”, performed by Gusttavo Lima, famous singer and songwriter.

In the initial petition, she emphasizes that she never had any relationship with the singer and that, in fact, she has been in a stable relationship with her partner for more than 12 years, having “unfortunately become the object of ridicule by third parties due to the improper mention of your phone number in the song”.

“The Defendant, despite knowing that the song would reach literally millions of people, did not bother, at any time, to try to know in advance whether or not the telephone number inserted therein would be owned by someone, although such a finding should have was the first to be made by him, before broadcasting said track to his broad base of viewers and listeners.”

The plaintiff also claims that it has become humanly impracticable to use her cell phone number, since at all times it was – and still is – necessary to analyze and separate each new message and “misplaced” call from those that are really relevant to the Is it over there.

“In the same step – and with even greater importance – the Plaintiff is outside the country and her father has a delicate health condition, having referred to abusive contacts enormously hampered the Plaintiff’s communication with her family members, preventing her from having normal access news about her parent’s plight when she needs it most, bringing even more anguish to her at a crucial time for her family.”

Thus, he asked Gusttavo Lima to remove the song from the air and pay him compensation for moral damages.

The case is being processed in the São Paulo Court of Justice and there is still no decision on the matter.

round 6

In the Netflix series Round 6, a similar situation happened. In one scene, players receive a card with a phone number, which actually exists and would belong to a Korean businesswoman. After the launch of the series, the owner of the number would have received messages and calls. She reportedly rejected an offer of compensation, and Netflix is ​​reportedly working to resolve the issue, including editing scenes with the number. Remember the case by clicking here.

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