‘I killed my children, let me die’, mother told police after the crime

“I killed my children, let me die”. That was the first sentence said by Stephany Ferreira Peixoto when police officers entered her house, in Guapimirim (RJ), on Monday afternoon (10)). She was sitting up and covered in blood.

In the house were the bodies of Stephany’s two children, aged 3 and 6, stabbed to death.

The crime happened around 1:30 pm and after killing the children, Stephany slashed her wrists, according to police chief Antônio Silvino Teixeira, from the 67th Police Station, to the Metrópoles website. “The painting: she was sitting in the living room, bleeding a lot from her wrists. They asked about the children and she pointed to the room. The author didn’t say anything about the facts, just ‘I killed my children, let me die’. However, she was rescued to José Rabelo Melo Hospital, and his health is stable”, he says.

Stephany’s husband and the children’s father was very shaken. He told officers that the woman had always been an excellent mother. All acquaintances pointed out that she had a behavior considered normal, without anything that indicated problems.

Stephany even called her husband on the day of the crime saying she was going to kill herself. He alerted neighbors, who called the police, and ran back home. When the police arrived, they found the children dead and Stephany injured.

The bodies were taken to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Teresópolis. Stephany is now in custody at the hospital to which she was rescued.

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