In the Emperor’s Times: Luísa shocks son with revelation: “I always knew”

In the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador, Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) has a decisive conversation with Dominique (Guilherme Cabral) and confesses to her son that Eugênio (Thierry Tremouroux) always knew about her affair with Dom Pedro (Selton Mello). The revelation comes shortly after the son accuses his mother of having abandoned him to stay with her lover in Brazil.

The secret romance that the Countess of Barral has had for years with Teresa Cristina’s husband (Letícia Sabatella) will still cause her much friction. After the fight with Augusto (Gil Coelho), now it will be the educator’s heir to demand satisfaction.

The boy was raised away from his mother after he stayed in Brazil to educate princesses Isabel (Giulia Gayoso) and Leopoldina (Bruna Griphão), causing a distance between mother and son.

Raised by her father in Europe, Dominique only found her mother again now, because of Eugenio’s illness. Without her realizing it, he overheard when Pedro Augusto’s mother said that his father and the countess have a love story.

From then on, he will start to mistreat Luísa and will be confronted by her. During the argument, the boy reveals that he already knows everything and accuses her of rejection. He will regret his father’s suffering and is surprised when the educator tells him that her husband always knew about his affair. Check out!

In Nos Tempos do Imperador, Luisa’s husband accepted an affair with Dom Pedro

In the Emperor's Times: Luísa shocks her son with revelation:

In the next chapters of the soap opera Nos Tempos do Imperador, Luísa will have a frank conversation with Dominique and reveals that Eugênio has always known about his wife’s affair with Pedro. Having been raised away from his mother ended up creating a barrier between the boy and the countess. Growing up, he even refused to have her around, preferring to go on a trip to Europe with his father.

However, her husband’s illness ended up taking the educator back to her home in Paris. And when the relationship between mother and son seemed to get back on track, it will go wrong again because of Augusto.

On a visit to Luísa so that she could meet her son, Leopoldina ended up confessing to her husband that the Countess of Barral and her father love each other. The prince accuses the governess of being an adulteress and even states that he would like her to stay away from her family.

Dominique hears everything behind the door and goes back to her mother. She, of course, will demand satisfaction. “Do not be Cruel! I love you so much, my son! He doesn’t know how I suffered when his father took him to Europe”, asks Eugênio’s wife. “I didn’t want to, but he convinced me that it would be better for his education. The school in Paris was much better and… Please! Give me a chance. We can start over from now on”, insists Luísa.

“From now on, why? Does the emperor not want you anymore?”, asks the boy. “What?”, asks Dom Pedro’s lover. “I know why you chose to stay in Brazil. You are the emperor’s lover!”, Dominique shoots.

The countess tries to deny it, but gives up after her heir says he heard when Dina told her husband everything. “This is not a case of infidelity. On the contrary, it was all very hard for us. We fell in love even though we knew we would never be together”, Luísa explains.

“My poor father being betrayed all these years”, will accuse Eugênio’s son. “Your mistake. Eugênio always knew everything”, reveals the educator, leaving her son speechless. The scene is slated to air in the January 20th chapter.

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