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After 10 days away from broadcasts for having tested positive for Covid-19, Casimiro finally returned to Twitch last Monday night. The return of the streamer, elected Personality of the Year at the eSports Brasil Awards, was resounding: the broadcast had a peak of 132,500 viewers, surpassing the streamer’s personal record, which was just over 100,000.

The broadcast lasted 8h20 and had an average of 77,100 spectators. The live yielded more than 643,300 hours watched and about 27,000 new followers for the streamer.

Casimiro speaking as he was awarded as Personality of the Year at the eSports Brasil Award — Photo: Disclosure / eSports Brasil Award

On the stream, Casimiro said he believes he was contaminated in a private movie session with friends on December 28, when the streamer rented a room in Rio de Janeiro to watch Spider-Man: No Return Home.

— I didn’t want to crowd, I closed the movie theater, and Certainty [Pedro Certezas, jornalista] I had Covid… Then everyone got Covid,” he said.

Casimiro who stated that he felt unwell on the 31st, hours after the last transmission, and went to the hospital a few hours before New Year’s Eve. After being hospitalized and taking medicine for a few hours, he was released and did not experience other strong symptoms of the disease again, but he had tonsillitis.

The story that most caught the public’s attention, however, was another interaction with Neymar Jr. Casimiro revealed that he received a message from the PSG and Brazilian national team star inviting him to a party at the player’s mansion in Mangaratiba. As he had already scheduled the cinema with friends, the streamer could not attend on the 28th, but he was charged by Neymar to attend the next day – with the friend’s positive diagnosis, however, he decided not to go. Check out:

Passionate about football, Casimiro shone last year, captivating the Twitch community and “punching the bubble” with his good humor, ease of entertainment and several react videos that entered the fans’ and fans’ timelines. The streamer has over 1.3 million followers on the platform and has over 1.9 million on his YouTube channels.

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