Steam is refunding those who purchased Battlefield 2042 •

Platform refunded player even without complying with the returns policy.

The post-launch debacle of Battlefield 2042 still echoes through the video game industry. The EA game has been losing its player base and at the time of this news it has only 819 viewers on Twitch.

In the wake of all the problems involving the game, now comes surprising news of the version purchased on Valve’s platform, Steam.

There are reports that the platform is refunding players even if these requests do not comply with the refund policy implemented by them.

In this reddit post, the person in question posts images of their refund process. We were able to observe that initially Valve would not refund the buyer, but after a detailed explanation of why this refund request the company decided to grant the player’s request.

This decision made by the platform now opens the way for more refund requests, it remains to be seen if they will have the same final result.


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