Paraná declares a state of H3N2 epidemic, which already has 12 confirmed deaths

The Secretary of State for Health, Beto Preto, announced this Wednesday morning (12) that the Paraná is in a state of Influenza flu epidemic. The increase in the number of daily cases of H3N2 (a type of Influenza A virus) and deaths from the disease led to this decision.

The measure is necessary considering community transmission and the presence of the virus in 144 municipalities in the state. Now, 832 cases – 805 of which are residents of Paraná and 27 from outside the state – and 12 deaths are confirmed. Data were collected until this Tuesday (11) through the Laboratory Environment Manager (GAL).

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“This number of cases and deaths is the record we got from the epidemiological investigation after the detection of the disease by the sentinel units, which certainly does not represent the reality of the disease in the state. We estimate that this number of confirmations is at least 20 times greater”, said the secretary.


The transmission of Influenza viruses, for the most part, occurs during the coldest periods, in winter. Now, the state is experiencing an atypical situation of case confirmations during the summer, considerably increasing the demand for medical care in all regions.

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According to Beto Preto, the transmission of the virus accelerated during the end-of-year festivities. “We had a large number of family gatherings for Christmas and New Year, in addition to many people on the coast of the state. As a result, the transmission of the disease intensified. We need to continue with care, with the use of masks, gel alcohol, hand washing and distancing when possible “, he said.


The deaths refer to six women and six men, with ages ranging from 44 to 83 years. The deaths occurred between December 11, 2021 and January 10, 2022. Eleven had some form of comorbidity and one case remains under investigation. Six had not taken the Influenza vaccine and one remains under investigation.

Those who died were residents of Arapongas (1), Curitiba (2), Foz do Iguaçu (1), Londrina (2), Mandaguaçu (1), Maringá (1), Marumbi (1), Paranaguá (2) and Tapira ( 1).

And avacina?

More than 616 thousand doses of vaccines against Influenza are in the municipalities. They are part of the 2021 National Influenza Immunization Campaign and have important validity at this time of outbreak of cases. According to data from the national vaccinometer, Paraná has about 70.40% coverage within the priority groups, with 2.1 million doses applied.

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The Ministry of Health provides for the beginning of April to send a new vaccine with immunization for all circulating viruses that are already recognized in the laboratory.

“Wherever there is a vaccine, it should be applied because it protects against most circulating viruses. This helps in the differential diagnosis of Respiratory Syndromes. We count on the collaboration of the municipalities to bring these existing doses to zero. This new vaccine should already come with protection against the Darwin strain of H3N2 and, in the coming months, we should receive this new immunizing agent”, explained the secretary.


Epidemic is the collective manifestation of a disease that quickly spreads, by direct or indirect contagion, until it reaches a large number of people in a certain territory and becomes extinct after a period. There were not records of so many cases in this period since the beginning of monitoring of Influenza A (H3) cases by Sesa in 2016.

“All efforts are being made to contain the outbreak of the disease, including sending the antiviral drug for treatment, oseltamivir phosphate, known as Tamiflu, to the Health Regionals,” said Maria Goretti, director of Health Care and Surveillance. David Lopes.

Last week Sesa decentralized 460,000 Tamiflu capsules and has already filed a new request with the Ministry of Health, for over 100,000 units. The drug is effective against the worsening of the clinical picture, reducing the risk of death or the severity of symptoms in the patient.

“If administered within 48 hours after infection by the virus, the drug has great effectiveness in worsening the disease and also in reducing hospitalizations”, added Beto Preto.

The data released this Wednesday were extracted from the Laboratory Environment Manager (GAL), fed by laboratories across the state, both from the Unified Health System (SUS) and from the private sector.

Information from the bulletin on Influenza and other respiratory viruses in Paraná, published on the Secretariat’s website, is collected through the Sentinel Surveillance of Influenza Syndrome (SG) and the Universal Surveillance of hospitalized cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and the deaths through the official information system of notifications by SRAG, SIVEP Influenza.

The Sentinel Surveillance of SG is composed of a network of 34 health services for attendance, which are distributed in the 22 Health Regionals and 28 municipalities in the State. SARS Surveillance monitors hospitalized cases and deaths.

Both aim to identify the behavior of respiratory viruses, guiding health bodies in decision-making, in the face of the occurrence of serious cases and outbreaks and helping to choose the viruses that will compose the next flu vaccine to be used.

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