4 news that impress with the technology that comes around

CES – Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the largest technology and consumer electronics show in the world, took place in Las Vegas, USA, between January 5th and 8th this year. Known for bringing together the most important releases in the sector.

Due to the pandemic and the concern about the variant of the coronavirus, many companies decided not to participate in the event this year, but, even so, this did not take away from the shine or the variety of things that were shown.

CES is not a recent event, on the contrary, its first edition was in June 1967, in New York. At the time, the fair had less than 200 exhibitors and 17,000 visitors, most of whom were formed by the press and commercial partners, not being aimed at fans or the general public.

Companies such as Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, Sony and Toshiba were already present in this first edition and at the time brought novelties such as the pocket radio and televisions with transistors and more modern details.

For those like me, who, even though they cannot be present, are anxious to know the technological innovations presented, let’s see together a little of what is to come:

“Smart” litter box

In the segment for pets, a smart version of the litter box for cats will delight lovers of cats.

After being used by the animal, the object begins an automatic cleaning process in motion very similar to a centrifuge. And to avoid accidents, the product’s device only works when cats are no longer around.

A super practicality for caregivers, who in this case will not need to do the cleaning that a normal litter box needs or deal with the odor of feces.

Inch screen glasses

In this edition, TCL presented its second generation of glasses that work as a secondary screen.

According to a company summary, the accessory called NXTWear Air gives users the feeling that they are four meters away from a 140-inch screen. To accomplish this feat, the device has two Micro OLED screens with Full HD resolution (1080p) in place of the lens and also has dual speakers to reproduce stereo audio.

NXTWEAR AIR - TLC - glasses - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

color changing car

At the fair, BMW showed an iX electric SUV that changes color at the touch of a button. The change happens from white to dark gray. But the automaker did not disclose details of how this process occurs or whether this novelty will become a commercial option soon.

BMW iX Flow electric car with e-ink, whose exterior changes color - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt
Image: Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt

New TVs

The big companies in the market renewed their portfolios of Smart TVs and presented new models.

Sony, for example, announced televisions that have the lighting feature linked to 8K resolution. Meanwhile, Samsung has bet on Neo QLED TVs, with a new platform called Gaming Hub, which allows users to access cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia and GeForce Now, in addition to console titles. Gamers, like me, freak out just thinking about a TV like this!

CES 2022: Samsung Neo Qled TV - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

The truth is that it would take many texts like this to minimally detail all the news that are shown annually at this event.

I’ve been following it for a few years and I’m fascinated by how each fair brings even better, more technological and functional projects and ideas.

* Gabriela Bispo, planner and writer at InfoPreta collaborated

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