Advertisers get excited about Boninho’s tips and ‘vibrate’ with bullshit · TV News

Although the public can’t take Boninho’s tips any longer and celebrate the release of the official BBB22 list this Friday (14), the reality show’s advertisers liked the strategy. Everyone vibrated with the “rolling” because the increase in expectations about the program, naturally, will inflate the numbers of the attraction from its premiere on Monday (17).

The fact that JB Oliveira, Boninho, gives tips and riddles on social networks was also approved. Guesses engage the young and wealthy audience, which is one of the strong focuses of those who advertise in the confinement program. And the opinion of advertisers is very important for Globo today.

THE TV news found that brand representatives were very happy with the information that BBB22 is already the most searched term on Google. Even with an 11% drop in polls compared to BBB21 in the period, being in the lead before the premiere is something that shows the reality cannon.

Advertisers also asked for information about the confinement and the dynamics that will happen in the initial days. Actions are ready for the first few days. BBB22 will have sponsored events immediately with the brands that bought the three main sponsorship shares.

The new season is already the most profitable in history, with revenues of R$ 601 million in quotas alone. Single stocks can also be traded, as well as spaces in the trade intervals. The projection is that the total revenue will pass the R$ 700 million mark.

PicPay, Americanas and Avon companies will continue with the main exposure in the reality show, which will be led by Tadeu Schmidt. They bought the Big share, sold by Globo for R$91.9 million. All of them had already acquired the same space in the edition that consecrated Juliette Freire as champion.

C&A, Seara, Heineken and P&G paid R$ 69.6 million each for the Camarote quota. Cheapest combo in the commercial plan sent to the advertising market, the Brother quota came out for R$ 11.8 million each and was sold to Above, McDonald’s, QuintoAndar and Hypera Pharma.

Coca-Cola also closed the Cinema do Líder space, which will have a session on Globo’s grid — the feature film that the brothers will see at the house will also be able to be followed by the broadcaster’s viewers.

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