After being ‘fried’ by Centrão, Minister Flávia Arruda is removed from the government to take care of ‘private matters’

The minister of the Secretariat of Government, deputy Flávia Arruda (PL), left the post this Thursday 13 and should be licensed from the command of the portfolio until January 21 to ‘take care of private matters’. The removal occurs after she suffers intense ‘frying’ of the Centão in dispute for the position.

It is worth mentioning that she is currently the only representative of the PL, the party of Jair Bolsonaro led by Valdemar Costa Neto, to occupy a ministry. His departure, although temporary, takes place in the midst of a power struggle by Centão for his chair. The frying occurs because she, supposedly, did not honor agreements for the transfer of amendments with parliamentarians of the group.

Days before leaving this Thursday, Bolsonaro came out in defense of the minister and said that she would not be fired ‘by the press’, which has been publicizing the dispute in recent weeks. The president also stated that he had not received ‘complaints of errors’ made by the deputy.

The removal of the only member of the PL at the 1st level of the government also occurs at a time when Valdemar seeks more space in the government. Allies of the politician understand that it is fair for the party to occupy more seats after opening the doors for Bolsonaro to join.

In March of this year, the Bolsonaro government will have to promote a ministerial reform. The changes are motivated by the elections in October this year. In all, it is estimated that 12 ministers should leave the government to contest the elections. Flávia Arruda is part of the list of ministers who can leave. The other 11 names are: Tarcísio de Freitas, Marcelo Queiroga, Fábio Faria, Damares Alves, Tereza Cristina, Rogério Marinho, Onyx Lorenzoni, João Roma, Anderson Torres, Gilson Machado and Marcos Pontes.

Apparently, the exits will open spaces for the Centrão to dominate the current government even more. This Thursday 13th, Ciro Nogueira, head of the Civil House and leader of the PP, overthrew Paulo Guedes and received the prerogative to decide on this year’s budget. Nogueira’s party will also seek more space with the changes, in addition to Marcos Pereira’s Republicanos.

About Flávia Arruda’s departure from the ministry, there is no formal explanation from the federal government, nor from the ministry led by her. The only justification so far is to ‘take care of private affairs’.

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