After New Year’s Eve in Noronha, Aline Campos and son contract covid-19

Aline Campos revealed that she tested positive for covid-19. Through the stories on her Instagram profile, the model said that she, her son, Nathan, 11, and her friend, Guta Furlanetto, contracted the disease.

The three spent New Year’s Eve in Fernando de Noronha and, after the diagnosis, will need to stay another ten days in the place, in isolation. The son was tested in a hospital after having a high fever.

“We are positive for Covid. So we will stay here, inmates for another 10 days. This morning, Nathan wakes me up burning with fever. I took him to the emergency room, he took the test and he tested positive”, he explained.

“He, Gutinha and I have Covid-19 in Fernando de Noronha. And the protocol, for asymptomatic patients, is 7 days in prison, and, for symptomatic ones, like Nathan, 10 days”, he said.

“Ten days to think a lot about life, to turn the lemon into lemonade. He just had a fever and now he’s fine. He hasn’t been vaccinated yet. He hasn’t arrived for his age. Guta and I don’t have any symptoms. A lot of people is positive out there without symptoms, the vaccine is taking effect”, he added.

Aline also said that she canceled several professional jobs in the coming weeks. “Accepting and accepting this situation, because for better or worse, I ended up planting and now I’m harvesting. I chose to spend New Year’s Eve away from parties and came to Noronha because it’s quiet, spacious and in contact with nature. I don’t regret it. very grateful to be here, but I ended up having more contacts than I would have if I was at home. It’s a risk that we knew we were taking. We’re fine”, he concluded.

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