Alec Baldwin won’t hand over cell phone to police in ‘Rust’ set death investigation | Movie theater

Actor Alec Baldwin has not turned over his phone to authorities investigating the shooting that killed a filmmaker on a film set in New Mexico in October, police said Thursday.

Baldwin, 63, manipulated the gun while rehearsing a scene from the “Rust” western with cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, who died in the incident.

The actor stated in an interview that he did not pull the trigger on his revolver, he just cocked it. Shortly before the shooting, Baldwin received the gun from a production assistant who informed him that it was “cold”, cinematic jargon that indicates that it is harmless.

One of the questions police are investigating is how live ammunition got on the set of “Rust,” a low-budget feature that Baldwin starred in and co-produced.

Investigators obtained a warrant to seize Baldwin’s cell phone in December, looking for “evidence”. According to the court order supporting the request, the actor had exchanged emails with the film’s gunsmith to discuss what kind of weapon would be used in the scene that turned out to be fatal.

“To date, the cell phone has not been handed over to authorities,” the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, where the ranch where the tragedy occurred, said in a statement.

'I didn't pull the trigger', says Alec Baldwin of director's death on set

‘I didn’t pull the trigger’, says Alec Baldwin of director’s death on set

After unsuccessful conversations with Baldwin’s lawyers, police turned to the Santa Fe District Attorney, who “for jurisdictional reasons” began negotiations for the actor to “voluntarily” hand over his phone.

On Saturday, Baldwin posted a video on Instagram in which, among other things, he comments on the cell phone issue. He said he was willing to collaborate with the police, but argued that the handover “is a process that takes time.”

According to him, the authorities in New Mexico need to go through those in the state of New York, where he resides, to carry out the procedure.

Baldwin said in an interview with the ABC TV network that he does not feel guilty or responsible for Hutchins’ death.


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