Aline Campos asks for a masseuse and manicurist with covid and is detonated

Isolated in Fernando de Noronha after testing positive for covid-19 Aline Campos was criticized for looking for a manicurist and masseuse who are already contaminated by the virus. With the repercussion of the case, the fitness muse spoke out.

The influencer is isolated with her son, Nathan, 11 years old, and friend, Gusta – both also infected. “Looking for a manicurist and masseuse in Noronha with covid and no symptoms!”, he wrote in a post on Instagram Stories.

Because of the diagnosis, Aline canceled her work and will stay in the archipelago for another 10 days.


Soon after the publication, the influencer’s name took over social media and netizens called her ‘no clue’.

“Uh, why don’t I have (no idea), love? I have covid, respecting all the rules so I don’t contaminate anyone and coming to a manicurist here also with covid would be the perfect combo. Me huh”, he countered.

In stories, she explained the situation: “Guys, come on, I come across several comments on my last post from people angry with me, calling me clueless. Because some journalist saw one of my stories, joking… you don’t know, me, my friend and my son are isolated in Noronha because we tested positive, without any symptoms. My son had a fever, that’s why we found out. That is, just as we have no symptoms because we took the vaccine, several other people, including you, who are watching the video, may have covid, but without symptoms like us. But we are isolated here, respecting everything properly because I don’t want to contaminate anyone “, details.

Aline blames the media for the negative repercussion of the case: “So this morning I made stories with my friend, we were bored here showing my nails… Silly stories, with nothing to do. And then I made a joke. But honestly, even if it wasn’t, I don’t think that’s the reason for all that’s happening. If it offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. But I said the following: ‘I could have a manicurist with covid too, without symptoms, to come here to do it. our nail because it would be the perfect combo’. The manicurist who is also bored, wanting to earn her money, come here to our house… Then I thought ‘I’m going to delete it because people love to interpret it the way they want’. Then I deleted it. and forgot about life… Some journalist posted this as if I was playing with the virus”.

Quite upset, Aline ends her outburst by punctuating the projects she helps and explaining, once again, that she is respecting isolation and that she didn’t want to irritate or hurt anyone.

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