Aline Campos posts video with red bikini in Noronha

After denying rumors that he would go to BBB 22, Aline Campos returned to stir the imagination of fans and admirers. The proof of this is that, in the last days, the beauty posted a video of a red thong bikini, in Fernando de Noronha.

In some moments of the post, she poses happily with her son Nathan, in the greatest atmosphere of love and leisure. “Perfect match: Noronha + Nathan”, he said in the caption.

With her entire body in the spotlight, the artist’s hard bottom has become a topic of conversation among admirers who adore the bold clicks of the ex-assistant of Faustão.

“People from heaven, Noronha is already beautiful… with this woman then…”, said a young man. “Perfect, I love to see this union of mother and son”, commented the second person. “I love it,” commented the third.


This Thursday morning (13), Aline Campos used Instagram stories to tell that had tested positive for Covid-19, alongside her son and a friend. Because of the protocols, she said they will remain there for at least ten days.

“We are positive in Covid. So we’ll stick around here, inmates for another 10 days. This morning, Nathan wakes me up burning with fever. I took him to the emergency room, took the test and he tested positive. He, I and Gutinha have Covid-19 in Fernando de Noronha. And the protocol, the asymptomatic 7 days inmates, and the symptomatic, like Nathan, 10 days”, he began.

Afterwards, the cat said that her son he had already recovered from the strong fever; “10 days to think hard about life, to turn lemons into lemonade. He just had a fever and now he’s fine. He hasn’t been vaccinated yet. Didn’t make it to his age. Guta and I don’t have any symptoms. A lot of people are positive out there without symptoms, the vaccine is taking effect”, he commented.

Finally, the muse of summer told fans that several jobs were postponed after discovering the disease. “Accepting and accepting this situation, because for better or worse, I ended up planting and now I’m harvesting. I chose to spend New Year’s Eve away from parties and came to Noronha because it is quiet, spacious and in contact with nature. I don’t regret it. I am very grateful to be here, but I ended up having more contacts than I would have if I were at home. It’s a risk we knew we were taking. We’re fine,” he said.

Check the post:

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