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That penalty saved by Victor, in the 49th minute of the second half, froze time, changed fates. For Atlético-MG, it was the pinnacle of the meaning of a miracle. Galo eliminated Tijuana, to be champion of Libertadores 2013. Riascos was immortalized in history with the mistake, and Antonio Mohamed left the Xolos. Almost 10 years later, horizons cross between club and coach.

Mohamed signs a contract at Galo to replace, precisely, coach Cuca, who won that Libertadores after the “Milagre do Horto”. Immortal episode for Atlético fans. Common scarf gaudy around his neck, that May 30, 2013, El Turco was within a hair’s breadth of the semifinals. Eliminated by visiting goals criterion (defeated in Libertadores).

Atlético fans took a mask from the movie “Panic” in Galo x Tijuana — Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atlético

As he walked to the locker room, with Horto leaning over in tears of happiness, Mohamed was getting ready to say goodbye to Tijuana. He cried, in the account of goalkeeper Saucedo. But anyone who caught sight of the commander’s post-game, in that narrow corridor of the Independência changing rooms, in the open part of the horseshoe, saw a calm, smiling face on Mohamed’s face as his players boarded the bus towards the hotel. Known for his storytelling side, El Turco seemed to tell anecdotes to the Xolos staff.

Atlético-MG’s past and present: Cuca and Antonio Mohamed — Photo: Reproduction

– After the game, Tony didn’t say anything to us, his only words were more personal. I approach him when we are on our way to the locker room, we have to cross the entire field and I approach him, he was crying. So maybe he told the whole group he was proud, happy with what he did because it was a great game. The next day, we went back to Mexico and he stayed in Brazil because it was closer to Argentina – revealed in 2020 the Tijuana goalkeeper.

“I told him he made us dream and thank you for taking us to this stage”

There was a feeling that Antonio Mohamed was anesthetized by the elimination against Atlético. It is the reading that the former vice-president of Atlético-MG, then legal director of the club, Lásaro Cândido also made, in contact with the ge. Mohamed had already explained, two weeks before the clashes, that he would stay in Tijuana only until the end of his participation in Libertadores. I wanted to go back to Argentina, to be close to my family. He took over the Huracán shortly afterwards.

“Antonio Mohamed wrote a chapter full of successes in the history of Tijuana. He not only saved them from relegation, but also led them to the first league championship and reached the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. It was twenty months of the “Turco” that will not be forgotten on the border,” Mexican journalist Ciro Procuna wrote on July 20, 2013.

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