Apple and Google are sued by PUBG: Battlegrounds developer

According to Reuters, Krafton claims that Battlegrounds was released in 2017 and a Singaporean firm known as Garena began selling an alleged copy of the game. The issue has apparently been resolved between the companies, despite the mobile app being very similar.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple and Google began selling the “clone” mobile version of Battlegrounds in an unscrupulous and copyright-infringing manner. It refers to Free Fire: Battlegrounds, currently known only as Free Fire.

In September 2021, Garena would have released a second app that would “blatantly” copy Battlegrounds. In December of the same year, Krafton demanded that Garena stop selling the game and requested Apple and Google to stop distributing both.

As neither of the two platforms complied with Krafton’s request, she claims that the companies were prompted by legal means to take action.

The developer also claims that YouTube, owned by Google, has several gameplay videos of the alleged clones. The lawsuit reports that there is also a Chinese film on the platform that is a live-action version of the game.

Krafton’s accusations are just one more that Apple and Google face over several apps that are alleged to be copies of others. The most recent was a paid copy of the free online game Wordle. However, Apple acted to remove the apps that plagiarized it.

In 2018, PUBG Santa Monica sued Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney for a similar reason. At the time, the company claimed concerns about similarities between its game and “Fortnite”. Eventually, the process was dropped as both companies were purchased by Tencent.

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