Argentine city is invaded by millions of beetles – News

The heat wave that has affected most of Argentina since last week has brought unwanted visitors to the city of Santa Isabel, which is located about 860 km west of Buenos Aires, in the province of La Pampa, in the central region of the country.

Millions of shell beetles invaded parks, homes, parking lots and public buildings in the city. Although the scene resembles a biblical plague and insects are not the most pleasant company, they do not pose a risk to people’s health.

According to the local newspaper La Voz, it is common for beetles to come out of their burrows underground at this time of year to reproduce. However, the strong heat at the beginning of 2022 made the insect population look more for the city, which is in a desert region.

A family had to call the police for help due to the beetles invading their home. Agents helped remove five boxes full of insects, and the images went viral on the internet. See in the video below.

On Twitter, a local weather expert named Cindy Fernández explained that the bugs “tend to swarm in cities because of the light, and they’re annoying and smelly.”

“To fight them, some cities like Telén, Victorica and Carro Quemado turned off public lighting and lit drums with fire. Although they are completely harmless, these heavy insects violently collide with everything in their path, so it is recommended to cover your face. and eyes to avoid impact injuries,” Fernández warned.

In Santa Isabel, the problem is that a national road runs through the small town, and turning off the lights could be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians.

The authorities also alerted the population to problems with the large number of insects, which can damage roofs, plug gutters and break slabs.

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