At least 13 states register high hospitalizations for covid; capital of São Paulo expands beds – Saúde

With the spread of the Ômicron variant, hospitalizations for Covid-19 more than doubled in at least three private hospitals in São Paulo, compared to the end of last year. At the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, the increase was 707%, the most expressive among the institutions consulted by the Estadão. Syrian-Lebanese Hospital and Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz also stand out.

Doctors who work in the capital point out that, despite the increase in hospitalizations, the patients’ conditions have been less serious than in the second wave, even due to the advance of vaccination coverage in the country. Even so, they reinforce that the moment calls for caution and maintenance of measures protection, such as distancing and wearing masks.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein reported that on December 31 it had 14 patients hospitalized for covid-19, 11 of them in clinical beds and three in intensive care units (ICU). This Thursday, 13, the number of hospitalized jumped from 91 to 99. Of the total, there are 81 in apartments and 18 in intensive and semi-intensive care units. Three of them are intubated.

“With the Gamma variant, around half of the patients needed intensive care, it was a much more serious condition. Now, these are cases where patients mainly have a strong flu. They don’t get pneumonia, they even have cases, but they are rarer”, explains the superintendent and medical director of the Albert Einstein Hospital, Miguel Cendoroglo Neto.

“On average, the patient is hospitalized for about 3.2 days for covid (at Einstein). A year ago, when the Gamma was starting to rise, the index was at 9.5 days. The clinical picture is much milder”, he adds. Despite the growth in hospitalizations, Cendoroglo Neto reinforces that the number remains well below the peak of patients with covid in the hospital, which was 306 patients.

He recognizes, however, that the uptrend may continue for a few weeks, even due to the advance of Ômicron. “Until August, we only had Gama. Then, Delta began to appear, leaving almost only her. At the beginning of December, Ômicron appeared, which reached 83% in early January”, he explains. According to him, Einstein is prepared for the increase in demand, but the recent rise in covid ended up affecting even the hospital’s employees. Today, about 4% are away due to the disease.

Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in turn, reported that the units in São Paulo had 27 patients hospitalized with covid-19 on December 31. Of this total, 22 patients were in the ward and another five in ICU beds. Already in balance made this Wednesday, 12, the hospital counted 67 people hospitalized with the disease, 11 of them in ICU.

As with Einstein, the numbers in Sírio-Libanês are also lower compared to the period when the country was facing the second wave of the pandemic, driven by the Gama variant. On March 22 of last year, there were 247 inpatients. In the ICU, there were 63 of them.

High of cases

“Looking at a general panorama, the number of cases has increased a lot, it is a notorious thing. And when we increase this absolute number of cases, even though they seem to have a less severe clinical picture, even because they are associated with a higher vaccination rate, we have an increase in the absolute number of hospitalized”, explains the infectious disease specialist at the hospital. Syrian-Lebanese Hospital, Carla Kobayashi.

The doctor explains that, at first, the lack of tests in pharmacies in the capital has not changed the profile of patients who have arrived at the hospital. “Patients continue to arrive at an earlier stage of the disease, taking into account the fact that they have lived with almost two years of the pandemic. We can already understand better, interpret when it is a suspect and when it is not”, explains Kobayashi.

Between January 1st and 12th, 4,100 patients sought the emergency care of Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz with flu-like symptoms. The positivity of the tests carried out was 47% for covid-19 and 19% for influenza. According to the hospital, about 97% of patients had mild symptoms, without the need for hospitalization, while 3% of cases progressed to hospitalization.

The total number of hospitalizations this year was 104, 20 for influenza and 84 for covid-19. To have a comparison, the number of patients with covid who were hospitalized on December 31 was 27. This Thursday, it is 84.

The São Camilo de São Paulo Hospital Network reported that this Thursday it had 115 patients hospitalized for treatment of covid-19 in its units, which represents an increase of 74% compared to December 31, 2021.

“Due to the increase in demand from patients with covid and influenza, the Institution reinforced its emergency room teams, with the objective of optimizing triage flows, reducing waiting time and expanding the capacity to care for critically ill patients”, informed the network

In a note, Rede D’Or São Luiz reported that, due to the flu outbreak and the increase in cases of covid, its hospitals in Greater São Paulo are, on average, with a volume of care in their emergency rooms 50% higher. than usual in previous weeks. The network did not specify, however, what the impacts on the beds have been.

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