Atlético-MG confirms interest in midfielder Edenilson, and cites Inter’s refusal – 01/13/2022

A few weeks ago, Atlético-MG’s interest in hiring midfielder Edenilson, from Internacional, has already been reported. If before the news was based on behind-the-scenes investigations, now Atlético’s desire to sign the 31-year-old player is something official.

During the announcement of the Turkish coach Mohamed, the director of football at Galo, Rodrigo Caetano, was asked about the situation of the Colorado player. The alvinegro leader confirmed that he sought Internacional, but the gaucho club did not even make room for an offer from Atlético.

“Most of the speculations are not confirmed. There is always the relationship between expectations and fan frustration. So, I have to be careful in communicating with the mass in these speculations. And we see each name sometimes, even outside our reality. Edenílson, we consulted Internacional, about the possibility of a negotiation. Internacional, until then, was emphatic that it does not want to negotiate with the athlete”.

But that doesn’t mean Atletico is no longer interested in the player. According to Galo’s football director, the club is still willing to negotiate with Internacional.

“Other news that emerged, that Internacional made us a counter-offer. Zero, see, people? So far, zero. Inter has not opened the possibility of a negotiation, at least until now. This is today’s reality. If something up there changes, we will obviously let you know too.”

Atlético’s interest in Edenilson does not depend on the coach. A possible signing of the shirt number 8 from Colorado is a will from the direction of the club from Minas Gerais. Rodrigo Caetano knows the steering wheel very well, with whom he worked at the time he was in Beira-Rio.

“An athlete who worked with me for almost three years at Inter. Above average, not only on the pitch but also outside. But he has a contract with Internacional, so there’s nothing for us to do”, he added.

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