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If there’s someone anxious out there, raise your hand! 🙌 Yes, THREE DAYS LEFT for the premiere of BBB22 and, this Friday, 1/14, we will meet the participants who will be in the most watched house in Brazil. But before that, other news has already been revealed. See everything we know so far!

Are you curious to know who the new brothers are? So don’t let go of the TV, from the exhibition of the soap opera “O Cravo e a Rosa”! It’s Big Day 👀

Is it hard to control anxiety out there too? So, here’s more to check out everything we already know about BBB22, which premieres on January 17th!

Tadeu Schmidt counts down to the premiere of ‘BBB22’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

After 14 years presenting Fantástico, Tadeu Schmidt is ready for a new challenge and takes charge of BBB22 in place of Tiago Leifert. We can guarantee that he is very excited to start work:

“I am very happy and proud to have been invited to this mission. The BBB is the best! It is a huge honor to do the same work that was done by Tiago Leifert and Pedro Bial, two of the greatest talents in the history of Brazilian television. And soon when the program turns 20. I just want to say thank you!” .

Tadeu wins kit to present BBB22 and guarantees: 'There will be textão'

Tadeu wins kit to present BBB22 and guarantees: ‘There will be textão’

The curious on duty, get ready because the new house is full of surprises for the future residents of Big Brother Brasil 2022. And the new presenter brings some spoilers of the new decoration. THE intensity and good mix, two typical characteristics of a BBB, arrive with everything and set the tone for this edition.

Tadeu says that the BBB22 will have neon throughout the house, many colors and a lot of plaid. In addition, the brothers’ home will also have a romantic bedroom and another grunge, inspired by the 1980s and with a suspended bed! 🛌

Tadeu Schmidt looks for BBB22 Leader’s Room: ‘It’s not here anymore?’ — Photo: Globe

Arcade-era themed confessional

In Big Brother Brasil 22, the Confessional is also root. And, in this edition, it couldn’t have a more propitious theme: electronic games from the last decades of the second millennium. 🎮 🕹️

Filled with neon lights, the room in the new house is a true immersion in the Arcade games world, where Atari racing classics and games like “Pac-Man”, “Space Invaders” and “Street Fighter” shone.

Electronic games set the tone of the BBB22 confessional — Photo: Globo

Two Big Headphones and only one shower

Want more? So, let’s go with other details to reduce your anxiety: BBB22’s house will have two big headphones in the garden and only one bathroom with shower. 🚿

Another great novelty is the BBB22 button. That’s right! The attraction is visible to all, in the living room of the most watched house in Brazil. Big boss Boninho explains how it works:

“That’s the new house button. If the guy presses it, bye! It’s out!” .

See how the BBB22 Button works

See how the BBB22 Button works

We are going to meet the BBB22 participants this Friday, but one thing is for sure: we will have popcorn and cabin! It is already confirmed that this year’s program will maintain the dynamic that divides the brothers between famous and anonymous.

Boninho gives tips on the hands of BBB22 participants — Photo: Globo

Dani Calabresa is the new attendant of ‘CAT BBB’ — Photo: Globo

As of January, anyone who gets in touch with ‘CAT BBB’ will find, on the other end of the line, the voice of Dani Calabresa. The comedian will have the mission of interacting with the public and guaranteeing new perspectives, a lot of debauchery and good laughs about the main events of the game.

“I’m very excited to take over the ‘CAT BBB’ because I already watch the BBB and I’m talking to my friends on the phone. Now I’m going to do the same thing, only earning a salary [risos]”.

THE Leader’s Party will get an extra spice: before the celebration, Participants will be able to purchase additional items with their stakes to boost the celebration even more. The house brings changes and new environments, which will be the stage for the remarkable dynamics of the program, such as Provas do Líder, do Anjo, Bate e Volta and Immunity, parties, discord games, lunches and much more.

Leader’s cinema in your home

The public will be able to enjoy the Leader’s Cinema in a different way: will be able to watch the same content as participants in the BBB, but in your own home. The film shown to the brothers will be broadcast at Sessão Cinema do Líder, on Tuesday nights on TV Globo.

The BBB editorial will teach how to make dishes inspired by those that the participants consume at home. In addition #RedeBBB also brings surprises: a new program and a new member. Digital influencer and former BBB20 participant, Rafa Kalimann joins Ana Clara and Rhudson Victor in the team that tells all the news and comments on the main events of the house.

Rafa Kalimann joins Ana Clara and Rhudson Victor in the team that tells all the news and comments on the main events of the house — Photo: TV Globo

😍 The schedule will arrive with attractions from Monday to Friday: BBB Chat with the eliminated, BBB Parada and BBB Table, among other formats, are confirmed for the next season. Debuting in the role, Rafa says she is very excited to start on the team and describes her arrival at #RedeBBB as the feeling of returning home.

“I want to put myself in the listening position to extract good reports about their experience from each eliminated person. Just as I want to hear and have exchanges with the public. This chat is also with those who are at home and I want to have them more and more together”, he adds.

Ana Clara also won an unprecedented program on #RedeBBB: o Outside the House. The new attraction airs every Thursday, on Gshow and Globoplay, right after the program airs on TV.

Paulo Vieira at Big Therapy — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

With his irresistible humor, comedian Paulo Vieira wins an unprecedented picture at BBB22: Big Therapy. In the new attraction, the comedian will unconventionally “analyse” the behavior of the confined, try to help the audience understand the pre-Paredão tension and give advice on post-Paredão life.BBB for participants who leave the game.

“I’m going to say what people at home think and never imagined they would hear on television. Audiences can expect me to have a great time, above all. This is how I try to do my work and how I like it”.

The public will not miss any moment of the BBB, as it will be possible follow the cameras live, in addition to excerpts, programs in full and Click BBB on the streaming platform.

Multishow with an eye on everything

Even before the new edition starts, the Heating BBB brings the best moments of BBB21 in 16 episodes, with interviews with former participants and much more! For the new season, the tradition of receiving the eliminated of the week for a candid and fun interview continues with the BBB – The Elimination.

Yes, the time to put the cards on the table is also confirmed. At the end of the edition, we will have an extra – and special – program that will mark the reunion of the season’s participants on TV Globo.

BBB 22 has general direction by Rodrigo Dourado, genre direction by Boninho and presentation by Tadeu Schmidt. The reality show is scheduled to premiere on January 17.

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