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BBB22 will pay tribute to Tiago Leifert by placing the former presenter’s favorite hobby as the theme of the confessional: video games. The voting room was renovated and decorated with old arcades. In addition, now the confined will sit in a gaming chair similar to the one used by the journalist.

The confessional will have neon lights and decor inspired by classics like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Space Invaders and Atari. The chair for Big Brother Brasil participants was made exclusively for the reality show. The information was anticipated by Ancelmo Gois’ column in the newspaper O Globo, and confirmed by Globo.

Tiago Leifert often talks about his passion for video games and even presented a program on the subject on Globo, Zero1, aired between 2016 and 2019.

At the time he announced that he would take a break from his career to rest, the son of Gilberto Leifert warned that he just wanted to be able to play and enjoy his family with Daiana Garbin, with whom he has a daughter, Lua, who is one and a half years old.

In addition to the change in the confessional, Globo informed the press that the kitchens of the Vip and Xepa groups will remain in the internal area of ​​the most guarded house in the country. However, in this edition, the stoves will be facing each other, which can intensify the confusion inside the house.

Leifert teases Schmidt

This Thursday morning (13), Leifert joined the discussion about the delay in releasing the list of BBB22 participants, demanded the disclosure of the cast and even took the opportunity to pin the director JB de Oliveira, Boninho, and Tadeu Schmidt, his replacement in charge of the program.

The journalist shared a video of Gil do Vigor’s elimination speech and wrote that the cast would be released this Thursday. The date had been released by Patrícia Poeta, who had to retract and correct the information, which she had given in the wrong way.

Then, he made a sequence of stories correcting himself and telling about the experience of waiting for the premiere of the couch after five seasons presenting the reality. “So it’s not today. It changed again, right? And you know I didn’t ask anyone anything”, he began.

“I didn’t ask Boninho or the [diretor Rodrigo] Golden, not for anyone in the production. I don’t know who’s going to enter, I don’t know who the anonymous are, I don’t know who the box is. I have no idea, I didn’t ask, I didn’t use my sources. It will be a surprise for me. And man, it has to be tomorrow, for God’s sake! Hey Boninho! Tomorrow, right?” he joked.

BBB22 participants

The names of the participants will be announced this Friday (14), throughout Globo’s programming, starting with the screening of O Cravo e a Rosa, at 2:40 pm (Brasilia time).

Previous editions of Big Brother Brasil used to have participants announced with a gap of almost a week before the premiere. The new edition of the program is scheduled to start on Monday (17). Three confined participants contracted Covid-19, but will remain in the squad. According to Globo, the game will not be affected.

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