BBB22 will start, but there are ex-BBBs murdered, with stroke and more

BBB22 is about to start, but around 300 participants have already passed through the most attended residency in the country. In the 21 seasons of the BBB. Four of the former competitors are no longer on the plane of the living and have gone from there to a better one.

This is the case of Edílson Buba, from BBB4, who died in 2006 at just 34 years old. He was battling stomach cancer. After the program, which will start the BBB22 edition, he posed nude for a magazine.

And he continued with his social activity of helping drug addicts. However, even with this charitable attitude, he ended up having a tragic fate.

Another who died in a painful way was André Cowboy. He was in the ninth edition of the program, and passed away in June 2011 at just 37 years old.

Still about BBB22

Cowboy was murdered at his farm in Alumínio, in the interior of SP. The big guy entered the BBB with Mayra Cardi. The duo was from Casa de Vidro at that time. The murder remains unsolved so far.

In July 2017, another BBB9 contestant died. This is Norberto Carias dos Santos, known as Nonô, who died at the age of 72. Remembering that BBB22 is about to start at Globo.

From left to right: Buba, Cowboy, Josiane and Norberto (Photo: Reproduction)
From left to right: Buba, Cowboy, Josiane and Norberto (Photo: Reproduction)

Nono also battled cancer. In his edition there was also another elderly woman, Grandma Naná. This attitude by Globo generated controversy at the time at BBB, as the two old people had more difficulty in the tests obviously. Nonô lived in São Carlos, in the interior of SP, and graduated in accounting sciences. After retirement (BBB22), he became an actor and also did radio.

However, Josy Oliveira also passed away in September last year at just 43 years old. The artist and psychologist was like this at BBB9. She thus suffered complications from an operation to heal an aneurysm. Illness that she encountered in 2020, however, could not stand it. Born in Juiz de Fora, Josy was a psychologist, and dedicated herself to music after BBB.

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