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SANTA ISABEL, Argentina — The city of Santa Isabel, in the province of La Pampa, in Argentina, was invaded by thousands of beetles this Monday, 10th. The presence of insects was intensified in the midst of a heat wave that affects the entire south of the continent.

The presence of animals, called “cascarudos” or “bicho torito” in Spanish and popularly known as “coró das pastagens” in Portuguese, is not unusual at this time of year in the region.

At the end of 2021 and in the first days of 2022, some volume was already noticed in the first days of December. The intense heat that hits the region, however, with rising temperatures approaching 50ºC, may have caused an “overpopulation” of the animals, which are attracted to light.

The volume of beetles surprised the residents and even became a case of the police, with several occurrences calling for the removal of the animals. One of these occurrences ended with more than five boxes full of the animals.

Images recorded by residents of the region and shared on social media show the beetles taking over different places, such as buildings, culverts, boxes, squares, swimming pools and parks.

The head of the Santa Isabel Police Department, Omar Sabaidini, reported that the number of beetles caused damage to some properties.

“The amount that exists is impressive. In some cases, the roofs of buildings were damaged. At the police station they damaged the ceiling and, in a commercial establishment, the ceiling. At a gas station, they covered the drains,” Sabaidini said in an interview with Info Huella.

Meteorologist Cindy Fernández explained on Twitter that “the western Pampas have been experiencing one of the worst beetle invasions for weeks. They tend to gather in cities because of the light and are very annoying and smelly.”

Cindy added that to deal with the plague, some cities have turned off street lights and lit fire drums to attract the bugs.

“They are harmless, but they fly around uncontrollably and hit everything they encounter with force. The number and weight of these insects can damage roofs and structures,” Cindy wrote./ AFP and EFE

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