Britney Spears detonates her sister Jamie Lynn after controversial interview: “Never had to work for anything”

Our little pop princess doesn’t take home any more insults! After Jamie Lynn Spears cried when talking about the relationship with her sister, Britney countered the comments made by her. This Thursday (13), the singer said that she was sick while watching Jamie Lynn’s interview and criticized the lines, in addition to, again, saying that her life was destroyed by her family members.

Britney started the outburst by saying that she had a fever, a headache and had no medicine at home to relieve her discomfort. Still, the security guard denied his request to go to the pharmacy, claiming that he could not leave the property. “Well, I looked on my cell phone and saw that my sister did an interview to promote her book, I watched it with a high fever and it was actually good to have a fever, because I had to surrender to not caring”, he wrote.

“I just didn’t give a damn, but my head hurt so bad… Of course I’m a ‘drama queen’ if I get sick, so I think I was about to die! I’m fine today, just sore and the fever has made my head extremely sensitive! OK, enough about my experience… Anyway, the two things that bothered me that my sister said was how out of control my behavior was. She’s never been very close to me in the last 15 years, so why is she talking about it, unless she wants to sell a book at my expense. Serious?”, continued.

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. (Photo: Getty)

In July 2021, the youngest of the Spears received Britney’s unfollow on Instagram, after several pinpricks from the diva. Last year, the singer even attacked her sister directly in a publication on her profile. “I don’t like my sister (Jamie) appeared at an awards show and performed a remix of MY SONGS! My so-called ‘support system’ hurt me deeply!” wrote Brit at the time, referring to a medley of her songs that her sister performed at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

Now, Britney has spoken about it once again: “So where did the lady mention that I accused her of remixing my songs… I know it might seem like a silly thing to most people, but I wrote a lot of my songs and my sister was just a baby. She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her!”

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“Thirteen years later they designate me as the ‘mother of all’ Britney Heart of Gold is sitting there watching a 15 minute performance. But see, I’ve always been the bigger person. The last thing I would do is ask for what you’ve been given! So yes, they ruined my dreams. I remember asking my sister why she did this when she knew I was about to change my show and her only words were, ‘Well, it wasn’t my idea’”, he explained.

Jamie Lynn SpearsBritney
Britney and Jamie Lynn’s relationship has become rocky in recent years. (Photo: Getty)

Finishing the rant, Britney wished her sister could sell the book, titled “Things I Should Have Said” (“Things I Should Have Said”, in Portuguese), and revealed that she intends to step away from Instagram for a while. “I hope your book does well, Jamie Lynn! I’m going to leave Instagram for a while. The media, this business has always been extremely hateful to me. I’ve given enough, more than enough. What they say in the Bible never happened to me: ‘Ask and you shall receive’. Not in my life! My family has ruined my dreams 100 billion percent and try to make me look crazy while I have a high fever, not being able to move in bed! My family loves to pull me down and hurt me all the time, so I’m disgusted with them!” concluded.

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