Celina sets off fireworks when she sees Rose crawl and beg for help TV News

Celina (Ana Lucia Torre) will be on cloud nine in As More Life, Better!. After arranging for Guilherme (Mateus Solano) to discover the affair between Rose (Bárbara Colen) and Baby (Vladimir Brichta), the shrew will be amused to see her daughter-in-law crawl and beg the doctor’s forgiveness. The former model will have to humiliate herself even in front of her evil mother-in-law in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

At the chapter scheduled to air next Thursday (20), the surgeon will catch his wife kissing the player through a wiretap and freak out. He will be so angry that he will even go after the footballer.

Celina will be pleased with the success of her plan, as she has always hated Rose. However, the girl will begin a true pilgrimage to win back her husband and will beg on her knees for his forgiveness.

The villain will then go so far as to assemble a dossier full of evidence against the enemy. After fighting with her mother-in-law, the former model will even appeal to the emotional and will ask the evil woman to accept her relationship with Guilherme once and for all.

Despite the delight it will be to see her great rival humiliate herself in front of her, Ana Lucia Torre’s character will not change her stance and will remain determined to destroy her.

As Mais Vida, Melhor is a serial by Mauro Wilson and will be on the air until May. Following, the premiere of Cara e Coragem, by Claudia Souto, is scheduled, which will address the universe of stunt doubles and will be starring Paolla Oliveira and Marcelo Serrado.

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