Companies predict 2.2% rise in bus fares with diesel increase | Economy

Companies predict a 2.2% rise in bus fares with dieselLuciano Belford / O Dia Agency

Published 01/12/2022 19:01

The 8% increase in the price of diesel oil, announced on Tuesday, 11th, by Petrobras and valid from this Wednesday, 12th, could increase the average value of bus tickets in the country by 2.2%. The calculation is from the National Association of Urban Transport Companies (NTU). The entity points out that the bus tariff revisions will take place in the first quarter of this year.

According to the association, fuel represents 26.6% of the cost of companies operating public transport, being the second most important item in the fare, after labor. Ticket readjustments have already been carried out in 40 cities, but dozens are still studying the new values ​​to be applied.

If the diesel readjustment cost of the last 12 months is computed, the impact on the average tariff value is even greater: 18.8%, according to the NTU.

“Companies no longer know how to deal with these recurring increases in diesel oil, which will inevitably have to be passed on to the cost of tariffs”, says Otávio Cunha, executive president of the entity.

The association also says that public transport companies no longer want public fare increases, which are defined by the local government, because this scares passengers away.

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