Contract shows that Atlético-MG was not convinced when closing with Mohamed – 01/14/2022

After not waiting for Jorge Jesus and seeing conversations with Carlos Carvalhal and Eduardo Berizzo not progress, the Atlético-MG announced the arrival of Antonio ‘El Turco’ Mohamed. The Argentine was without a club since leaving Monterrey, Mexico, and signed for a year with Galo.

On the Ball Market’s Live Fim de Papo Especial, broadcast by UOL Esporte last Thursday (13), journalists Danilo Lavieri and Victor Martins analyzed the coach’s arrival and talked about what the future of the team should look like with the Argentine in charge.

“The promise is that he will play with high lines. Regarding his hiring, it is obvious that he was not one of the first options because Atlético-MG took some negatives. In the case of Carlos Carvalhal, it was not even a no With him, the conversation evolved, but there was a fine of 16 million reais and you can’t pay that to a technician”, Victor Martins began.

“In the live in which it was announced, El Turco said he wants to be called that anyway. He was offered, that is, Atlético-MG did not have him as one of the priorities. Time passed, the market closed, and the board decided to go with himself. His contract is only for one season, and the club had been working on two-year ties with Sampaoli and Cuca, who left because they wanted to. So, you can see that there is not so much conviction in Mohamed’s work, because, if it goes wrong, the termination fine will not be very big”, he said.

Soon after, the journalist outlined an overview of Antonio Mohamed’s previous work.

“He has good works. Atlético-MG fans remember him a lot, after all, he was the coach of that Tijuana, who was an opponent in one of Galo’s most historic games, when Victor took that penalty from Riascos. But Tijuana, with a much inferior team, it was better in both games. In Mexico, it opened 2-0 and nobody knows how Atlético drew. . It was the biggest crush that Rooster took at that time”.

“Another highlight was his last spell at Monterrey, where he played a game, let’s say, on equal terms with Liverpool, conceded a goal in the end and ended up being eliminated in the Club World Cup. He has the characteristic of being a coach who adapts to the squad. If you have a team with inferior quality, it plays further back. Otherwise, it lets the team go. Atlético wants that and the team asks that it be so”, concluded Victor Martins.

The next edition of Live Fim de Papo Especial of the ball market will be on Friday (14). You can follow the live on the Channel UOL, at the app Scoreboard UOL, at UOL Esporte page or not UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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