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Posted on 01/13/2022 20:24.

Criminals apply scams using Pix and QR Code

Photo: Marcelo Casal Jr./Agência Brasil

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Agência Brasil – Technological advances in the field of internet banking bring many conveniences to account holders, but with them come headaches. Criminals have found a way to use Pix payment and QR Code technology to apply scams.

Criminals are falsifying company invoices and sending them to customers. These invoices carry QR Code technology codes, paid by the victim using Pix through the banking application. In some cases, the fake invoice carries a barcode and a QR Code. In both, the money goes to the criminals’ account.

“The advantage of Pix for scammers (like other digital payment methods is that they are instantaneous, and consequently more efficient for those who use the technology in a malicious way,” said cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, which detected the fraud.

Fake invoices are copied almost identically to the originals. In addition, cybercriminals imitate the look of invoices or websites of real companies, create masked emails (senders) to simulate official ones. They even offer a 5% discount on payments via QR Code.

In addition, thieves have been sending emails with fake offers from streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The email brings the QR Code for payment of the supposedly more affordable plans, such as quarterly plans.

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Kaspersky gives tips for consumers not to fall for this type of scam:

– Attention to the recipient. Only in the first fraud is a mask used, in the second case, the address is generic and has no relation to the brands mentioned in the scam.

– Attention to personal data. On the false invoice there is no information on the customer’s name, only the subscriber’s code, a number few know by heart. Also, customer identification is different. There is a number on the message and another on the invoice.

– Keep an eye on the barcode. Consumer bills (gas, energy, telephony) always start with the number 8. As this is a fake invoice, the bar code starts with the number of the financial institution where the invoice was illegally generated.

– Visit the official website of streaming companies. For the supposed promotion of films and series, it is important that the person checks the veracity of the promotion on the companies’ website. If there is nothing, it is still possible to contact them through official channels. Never use the contacts provided in the email as they could be fake too.

– Confirm recipient details before completing payment via Pix. As with all fraudulent schemes, criminals use the names of oranges to receive the money from the scams. Only legitimate payments will show the correct company names (corporate names).

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