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Application with CRLV
Government took into account the effects of the pandemic and rains (photo: Federal Government/Disclosure)

The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV), for the year 2021, will become mandatory again only from June 1st. The decision was published in the Official State Gazette, this Friday (1/14).

The document had been required again in traffic inspections since January 1, 2022, but due to the socioeconomic effects caused by the pandemic and also the heavy rains that affect the entire state, the requirement was postponed.

Therefore, for inspection, the CRLV for the year 2019, presented in digital or printed format, is again required to prove the regularity of the vehicle in circulation.

The requirement of the CRLV 2022 will be defined by the Detran-MG and the dates will be announced in the second semester.

Drivers can present the document printed on plain paper or in the Digital Transit Wallet (CDT) application, available for devices with Android and iOS systems.

“The state government and the Civil Police are sensitive to the current situation faced by miners. The suspension of the requirement for the 2021 document was the way we found to ease this difficult period, since many use the vehicle as a source of income,” he said. the director of Detran-MG, delegate Eurico da Cunha Neto.

According to information from the Detran, the CRLV may be waived if, during the inspection, the agent manages to consult the system of the Minas Gerais Traffic Department (Detran-MG) to verify if the vehicle is licensed.

“During the approaches to the driver, the traffic inspection observes the regularity of the mandatory documents, which are the CRLV and the driver’s license, and it is unnecessary to present proof of payment of taxes”, explains the body.

In case of doubt about the regularity of the CRLV, the vehicle owner can access the Detran website, where it is also possible to check if there are debts and issue the payment slips for the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA), mandatory insurance (DPVAT) , Annual Vehicle Licensing Renewal Fee (TRLAV) and any fines.

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