Cruzeiro: Ronaldo acts behind the scenes and directs the signing of a medallion at Cruzeiro


Knowing the need for signings, the Phenomenon took advantage of the situation and approached its 4th reinforcement for Raposa

(Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) - Ronaldo could announce another signing.
(Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) – Ronaldo could announce another signing.

Since returning to cruise, this time as owner of the club, Ronaldo has been carrying out a series of changes, precisely with the aim of solving financial issues and bringing survival, with the aim of reaching access. The team led by Pezzolano knows that life is not easy, but it is moving behind the scenes to get as close to success as possible.

At first, those who were linked to the miners and had salaries above the stipulated by the Phenomenon, were sought to accept a reduction, which, if not, became termination. The idea is to cut costs, precisely to have a budget well below the last years, but keeping the idea of ​​having a competitive cast.

One of the names that left Toca after negotiations was Fábio, one of the greatest idols in history, with almost a thousand games played. The negotiations did not evolve and his departure was officially announced, generating revolt in many fans, who even made a protest in front of the headquarters. This gap in the goal was left open and there are moves for the substitute.

The new management contacted Rafael Cabral to know the possibility of hiring and the conversations have evolved in recent days, but for there to be an agreement, it is necessary that the current link with Reading, from England, be terminated, leaving the Brazilian with a clear path to settle with the celestial club.

As published by “Itatiaia”, as the English have to meet targets for European Financial Fair Play, some athlete contracts must be terminated and the archer must be on that list, which cheers up the leaders of Cruzeiro, leaving the chances of announcing the 4th reinforcement of the “Era Ronaldo” getting closer and closer.

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