Diego Costa asked to leave Atlético, says Rodrigo Caetano: “didn’t adapt”

By: Hugo Fralodeo, from Fala Galo, in Belo Horizonte

As anticipated by Speaks Rooster a few weeks ago, Diego Costa actually asked the board for a deal to leave Atletico, with the end of the season still in progress. This was confirmed by the executive director of football, Rodrigo Caetano, in a press conference this Thursday afternoon, at Atlético’s headquarters.

In addition to confirming the athlete’s request, Caetano revealed that the player has already arrived in Cidade do Galo with the fear of not adapting to the club and Brazilian football and made it clear that, if he did not feel comfortable staying, he would opt for the agreement to leave. .

“(At) the end of last season, of course, he (Diego Costa) came to us expressing this desire to leave. The reasons given are adaptation, personal issues and, when it comes to the personal issue, you don’t have much to argue with. We tried to dissuade him from the idea and he stayed with us until the end, he was a very important piece, he is an athlete who participated in our achievements […] and it was something he feared when he came, for the whole period he was in Europe, he always made it very clear that he would come, but at the end of the season, if he didn’t feel comfortable, we could make a deal to leave.”

Caetano also thanked the player’s services, confirmed that the termination is close and guaranteed that there is no fine for breach of contract.

“It was understood for good to accept this request and we are building the best agreement for all parties, but always with gratitude for what he did. So, in recognition of what he’s done with us, for the achievements he’s had with us and the way he’s given himself at all times. But it is very likely that he will not be with us this season. The conversations continue to find a common denominator and it had already been agreed back there, there would be no fines for either side”. – he added.

Diego Costa arrived at Atlético in August of last year with the status of a star and ends his time at Galo with just 19 games and five goals scored, being important in some games of the campaigns of the Brazilian championship and the Copa do Brasil, including scoring in his debut against Red Bull Bragantino, but he was also marked by constant physical problems, which took him out of the dispute in the semifinals of Libertadores and the finals of the Copa do Brasil.

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