Direct Treasury is making a loss? Learn how to avoid – 01/13/2022

Let me guess: did you log into the app to see your investments in Tesouro Direto and realize that your application was making a loss? Now, I will explain why this happens and what to do to reverse this “loss”.

This is another article in a series called Mapa do Tesouro Direto, which will make you an expert in this type of investment. It’s 100% free, we won’t try to sell you anything and all we want is to make you a reference for Treasury applications.

What happened for my Treasury Direct application to fall?

If you are also dealing with this doubt, of course you must be wondering if in fact the Direct Treasury is really safe, as many people say. In the previous article, I explained all the risks of investing in the Treasury, which is not 100% safe. It is worth checking.

The reason you see a “loss” in Treasury Direct is explained by a financial phenomenon called mark-to-market.

When investing in any fixed-income investment, with the exception of floating-rate securities with daily liquidity, as is the case with the Selic Treasury, the combined yield at the time of application is only paid if you also fulfill your part of the agreement and remain with the money invested until the day the application expires.

Otherwise, you are subject to mark-to-market, which is how much your investment is currently worth if you decide to redeem your application before the end date.

It’s as if all investors in the market are less willing to buy this application from you and take the money back in its place on the day of expiry (or more willing, in case of higher-than-expected returns. Yes, it can happen!) .

In short, if you have entered your brokerage firm’s application or even the Tesouro Direto website and have come across a loss in your application, do not be alarmed: it is still not a real loss!

This is a value that serves as a reference to know how much you would be able to withdraw at that moment if you decided to redeem your application at that time.

If you stay until the day of maturity, you will have the combined profitability “without taking or putting in”.

Are you calmer now?

How to invest in Treasury Direct?

You know that Tesouro Direto is the most talked about application at the moment, with more than 4 million registered investors, totaling more than R$ 60 billion. And you still don’t invest?
Know that the rate of return on Treasury investments is rising, even though it is considered the most conservative and safest investment in Brazil.

In the Mapa do Tesouro Direto video series, we tell you how to invest in Selic Treasury, IPCA Treasury, Prefixed Treasury and even how to have extra monthly income in this application. Check it out in the video below!

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