Doctors from the municipal network of São Paulo decide to go on strike on the 19th – 01/14/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

Doctors from APS (Primary Health Care), who work in basic units in São Paulo, decided to go on strike on Wednesday (19) and maintain a state of permanent mobilization. The decision was taken at the meeting on Thursday night (13).

They ask the City of São Paulo and the Municipal Health Department to hold a meeting with the union of the professional category, a response to the restructuring of the defrauded teams and a plan to replace the professionals on leave.

At the assembly, they decided to give a deadline until Monday (17) for the answer and promise to reassess the stoppage.

One hundred and fifty doctors attended the assembly. The list of demands includes the immediate hiring of more teams to deal with flu syndromes; exemption from attending weekends and holidays and dialogue between union and city hall.

Professionals say they are being called upon to work on Saturdays without additional pay.

Health professionals argue that the teams are exhausted, there are endless working hours, demands for goals, lack of supplies and overcrowded health units.

The situation has worsened in recent weeks with the advance of the ômicron variant and the influenza epidemic, which led to the dismissal of about 1,600 municipal health workers, an increase of 111% compared to the beginning of December.

On Wednesday morning (12), a team from Simesp (Union of Doctors of São Paulo) visited the Santa Cecília UBS (Basic Health Unit), in the center of the capital. The unit was supposed to have eight doctors and was operating with just three. There are similar reports that there is a lack of professionals in other UBSs in the city.

In an open letter released this Thursday, health professionals who work in the UBSs in the capital of São Paulo list the flaws in the strategies of the Municipal Health Department and Social Health Organizations, which today manage primary care in the municipality.

“The political choice of the city hall of São Paulo in the face of the H3N2 Influenza outbreak is to communicate to the media, before communicating to health workers about important issues such as opening dates of UBS on holidays and weekends, dates of vaccinations etc.”, the letter says.

According to Simesp, doctors have been dealing for more than two years with an intense overload and physical and psychological illness.


In response to the demands of the doctors’ union, Sindhosfil (a union that represents the 14 social health organizations that manage primary care in the municipality) said that the doctors’ claims are the responsibility of the city hall and that there were no financial sources to pay for the claims. .

The Municipal Health Department informed the union that it authorized the payment of overtime to professionals who are working on Saturdays. And that Social Health Organizations have already been authorized to hire doctors and nursing teams to meet the increased demand.

As for the missing medicines, the secretary recognized the shortage due to problems with importing items and the cancellation of purchases already committed, because of the pandemic.

In a note to leaf on Wednesday night (12), the secretary says that since the beginning of vaccination against Covid, in January 2021, the ministry authorized the hiring by partners of nursing and administrative teams to assist in vaccination.

“At the present time, due to the ômicron variant, there are many cases in a short period of time, promoting an increase in attendance at the units and, therefore, the integration of services in the care network was necessary”, he explains.

Since last Saturday, January 8, the units began to open every Saturday until the decrease in cases of respiratory symptoms in the capital.

“Partners will start the overtime payment schedule starting this month and, for those in the direct administration, who start attending Saturdays from this stage of the pandemic, SMS will be publishing concierge and payment on extra duty.”

Until this Friday, the Municipal Health Department says that, together with the partners, it will close the amount of contracting to support the entrance door of the equipment, including expanding the framework and hours of some units to 10 pm or, until same, transforming 12h units into 24h.

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