Doctors from the municipal network of São Paulo decide to stop on the 19th – Health

Primary Health Care Physicians (APS), who serve patients at Basic Health Units (UBSs) in the city of São Paulo, voted for the stoppage of the category next Wednesday, 19. Professionals complain about the defrauded teams, given the high number of workers on leave because of flu symptoms, and the non-payment of overtime.

The group gave until Monday, the 17th, for the city ​​Hall present a plan for replacing absent employees so that the stoppage can be reassessed. Another category claim is the exemption from attending weekends and holidays. According to the São Paulo Doctors Union (Simesp), which represents about 100,000 doctors in the state of São Paulo (60,000 in the state capital), there were almost 150 present at the assembly that approved the movement this Thursday, 13th. Simesp, the category has been “over two years with an intense overload and suffering from physical and psychological illness”.

Last Thursday, the 6th, the City Hall added up to 1,585 professionals on leave due to covid-19 or flu syndrome. The municipal network currently has 94,526 professionals. According to the union, at least 50 UBSs visited by the entity reported embezzlement in recent weeks. The scenario has worsened since the end of the year, with the spread of the more contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus and influenza.

On Thursday afternoon, the Municipal Health Department said that it had already authorized the payment of overtime for professionals by Social Health Organizations (OSs). The ministry justified that it was waiting for the new fiscal year to settle the payment to health professionals directly involved in the care of the covid-19 pandemic.

The municipal management also claimed to have authorized partners to hire extra teams. Since last weekend, the opening of the units on Saturdays, – which took place in some stages of vaccination -, started to happen to expand the services. The measure should be maintained until there is a decrease in cases of respiratory symptoms in the capital of São Paulo.

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