Doria starts vaccinating children against Covid this Friday at Hospital das Clínicas – 01/14/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

The state of São Paulo starts vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 against Covid-19 this Friday (14). Priority will be given to those with comorbidities or disabilities.

In a note, the government João Doria (PSDB), said that the beginning of the application of the children public will be in a symbolic ceremony at 12 pm at Hospital das Clínicas, in the central region of the capital of São Paulo. The place is the same where the first Covid vaccine was applied in Brazil on January 17, 2021.

As with the vaccination of adults, Doria – who is a pre-candidate for the presidency by the PSDB – is again ahead of the federal government in the vaccination start. The toucan rivals President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been against the immunization of children and has even questioned Anvisa’s interests in approving the pediatric vaccine.

In January 2021, the São Paulo government immunized the nurse Monica Calazans hours after Anvisa released the use of Coronavac for immunization against Covid in the country.

Thus, vaccination in São Paulo begins the day after the arrival of the first batch of vaccines for children against Covid, in the early hours of this Thursday (13). The load with 1.2 million doses of Pfizer immunizers arrived at Viracopos airport, in Campinas (SP), was transferred to Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, and began to be distributed to the states.

The state government said on Thursday that it would receive about 250,000 pediatric immunizers from Pfizer to start vaccination. In addition to children aged between 5 and 11 with comorbidities or disabilities, indigenous people and quilombolas will also have priority.

In the state of São Paulo, pre-registration for vaccination of children can now be done on the Vacina Já website. It is estimated that 4.3 million children will begin to be vaccinated as soon as the doses are released by the Ministry of Health.

Pre-registration is optional and does not work as an appointment, but speeds up service at immunization sites.

In the state, children will be vaccinated at 5,000 vaccination points, in addition to 268 state public schools.

The City of São Paulo plans to start vaccinating children next Monday (17). The estimate is that 60 thousand doses are distributed to the capital this Friday.

According to the head of the Health Department in São Paulo, Edson Aparecido, the city is expected to distribute the pediatric doses on Saturday (15) to about 700 vaccination points spread across the city for the start of immunization on Monday.

On Thursday, the Municipal Health Department said that immunization in the city will also be initiated by children who have comorbidities or physical disabilities, aged 5 to 11 years.

Parents will need to present a medical certificate, prescription or tests that prove the condition. Vaccination will also be available for indigenous children in villages of the same age group.

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