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Botafogo president Durcesio Mello said in an interview at General Severiano’s headquarters that the club will have R$ 100 million a year, for the next seven years, to invest in football. According to the president, the amount will be within the annual R$ 200 million that the American John Textor has committed to put in the club. Durcesio told this to the ge team, which follows the General Assembly in General Severiano.

– We managed to put a minimum investment of R$ 200 million in Botafogo in the binding proposal, half of which in football. Which takes us to another level in terms of investing in Serie A. It’s very exciting. It does not end with these R$ 400 million. This amount will be in these three years, but then he will continue investing, obviously, it’s part of the business. We will see Botafogo always strong and we have protection clauses, so that Botafogo continues to be invested always, guaranteeing this minimum of R$ 400 million. Everything is well made and tailored for the new Botafogo.

– Term of seven years that is guaranteed (the investment). In seven years, throughout the year we will have an investment of R$ 200 million, of which R$ 100 million will be spent on football. Minimum.

Durcesio Mello votes at the General Assembly — Photo: Emanuelle Ribeiro/ge

As on Thursday night, the president went again to General Severiano’s headquarters to exercise his vote. The crowd’s party with the approval of the Deliberative Council was just another step. The last one, so that John Textor can start taking over Botafogo, is this Friday, with the approval of the General Assembly.

– It was a massive vote (Deliberative Council) because the project is very well done, very well sewn, protects Botafogo and will bring new resources for Botafogo to be great as it always was, to compete for titles again. It’s very important that the partner-owners come to vote today or vote online, because it’s not over yet.

Durcesio took the opportunity to hold back the spirits of the white-and-white fans a bit. According to him, Botafogo will get back on track, yes, but it is a process and not overnight.

– It’s not an immediate change. Five days after today’s vote, if it is approved, we will have a resource of R$ 50 million, but to pay current expenses. It’s not for the fans to think that the next day will be building a team, but it will happen along this trajectory. We’re going to have a competitive team again, yes, but it’s not tomorrow. I am very optimistic that we will make it.

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