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Tadeu Schmidt is the presenter of BBB 22reproduction

Published 01/14/2022 11:46 | Updated 01/14/2022 11:51

Rio – After photos of the external area of ​​the “BBB 22” house were released, netizens questioned whether there would be more room for the leader. Rede Globo announced this Friday that the room has changed location and will be bigger in the new edition.

Whoever wins the reality show leadership will have a bigger room to call their own for a week. Now, the room is no longer on the lawn, it is on the second floor of the house and can be considered a loft, as it is considerably larger.

The environment will have new features for the comfort and fun of the leader and his VIP group, such as a living area, bar, dance floor, wardrobe, dressing room and tactical table. Decor is predominantly blue with neon fluorescent elements.

The long-awaited photo of the leader comes in a new format: it gains the glow of a large LED panel that will display the image of the leader of the week. And, in addition to the family portraits, the leader will also have as a gift an album of stickers with striking images of his stay in confinement.

“BBB 22” has general direction by Rodrigo Dourado, genre direction by Boninho and presentation by Tadeu Schmidt. The reality show is scheduled to premiere on January 17 and the list of participants will be released this Friday.

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