Ex-BBB Viih Tube forgets to pay IPTU and shoots: ‘I don’t even know what the acronym means’ | celebrities

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Published 01/14/2022 09:04 | Updated 01/14/2022 10:34

Rio – Perrengue of adult life! The former BBB Viih Tube used Instagram Stories, this Thursday, to explain the lack of payment of the Urban Property and Territorial Tax (IPTU) of her mansion in Panamby, South Zone of São Paulo. The influencer only remembered the account after being charged in court by the city hall.

The youtuber, who revealed that she did not even know the meaning of the tax acronym, explained that her mother was responsible for paying the bills during confinement at “BBB 21”, but after her departure from the confinement of the reality, the two forgot to pay that bill. .

“Living alone is a lot of responsibility. A lot of taxes and things to pay. People found out that I didn’t pay my IPTU and I didn’t even know I hadn’t paid the IPTU. a slack. In the three months I was confined, my mother paid for everything for me and when I left, I remained slack”, she explained.

“But she forgot, I forgot and I didn’t pay. What a shame, what a shame! Thank you for letting me know. I always paid everything right. It turns out, living alone is crazy! I’m discovering so much to pay for. To be honest, I don’t even know what does the acronym mean! I’ll pay”, joked the influencer.

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