Fátima Bernardes takes a surreal attitude with Túlio Gadêlha

Fátima Bernardes
Fátima Bernardes and Túlio are enjoying a romantic trip (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

After saying goodbye to his son, vinicius, who lives in France, Fátima Bernardes went on trip. in the company of the boyfriend Túlio Gadêlha, the presenter landed in Spain to enjoy her vacation days.

On her social networks, the global shared some moments with the deputy and, in the caption, wrote: “Most made a mistake there in stories. We are not in Portugal, but in Spain, in the Basque city of San Sebastián“.

“The ugly weather did not scare us and we climbed Mount Urgull, where there is a castle and an image of Christ. We were alone and we even managed to take off the mask for a photo“, he added.

Fátima Bernardes has a reunion with her son after crying with nostalgia on Globo

After months, Fátima was finally able to miss her son, Vinícius Bonemer, who is currently living in Europe due to his studies.

In a post published on social networks, the famous shared a beautiful photo in which she appears all smiling in the company of the heir. “Good to be able to have lunch with him again.”, she melted in the caption.

For those who don’t know, Fátima, in recent days, got emotional live on her Globo program because of the impossibility of spending Christmas with her son. At the time, she made the following rant:

“He is studying abroad and it will be the first Christmas without him. It’s my son Vinicius. The girls are here in Brazil and he is out. But he is fine and healthy and I have nothing to complain about. The heart is very tight.”

Fátima Bernardes takes Túlio Gadelha on a trip

Fátima Bernardes, it is worth mentioning, took her boyfriend, Túlio Gadêlha, on her trip to Europe. The presenter of the Meeting went to Paris and has shared with her followers several special moments with her beloved.

In one of the photos, in front of the famous Eiffel Tower, the global star declared: “A whole day walking, talking, making plans. Too good”. The deputy, in turn, also posted some romantic clicks with his beloved.

“It’s only cold for those who have never been to a winter festival in Garanhuns. May 2022 be of lots of light for all of us!“, said the politician. “Then I tell the backstage of the photo“, promised the presenter in the comments of the post.

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