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Quoted for BBB22, MC Loma revolted with Mirella Santos, one of the Lacração Twins, for committing a gaffe and delivering her strategy to gain followers before the reality show debut. The former Ilha Record published a photo of her friend at the cinema and hinted that the artist will not be confined. “I disappeared all this time to get a cookie”, vented the funkeira.

The Pernambuco native was “out” of social networks for a few days, which further increased speculation that she would go to the Globo program, as the participants are confined to a hotel. In addition, she had also put a fish emoji next to her name on social media – something common to symbolize reality fans.

“Mirella is a splinter. It was reaching seven million [de seguidores no Instagram], folks, I’m 6.9. Then Mirella goes and puts me in the movies”, said Loma, who “disappeared” to really increase speculation about her name and gain followers.

“But she’s going to delete this Storie, and you’re going to pretend with me that we’re on the BBB, you’re going to keep following me, sharing, making a buzz on Twitter”, asked the singer. “And you will still be missing,” added Mirella. “I’ll stay gone to make the cookie”, promised the MC.

The official list of Big Brother Brasil 22 participants will begin to be released this Friday (14), during the airing of the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa, at 2:40 pm (Brasilia time), on Globo. The program is scheduled to premiere next Monday (17).

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