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Gil do Vigor recalls perrengue before the

Gil do Vigor remembers perrengue before “BBB”

At this point, last year, Gilberto Nogueira already knew he would be on “BBB 21”. He was not yet Gil do Vigor, who came to be loved by Brazil during his participation. “Not even in the most revealing dreams I saw what would happen in my life”, he gets emotional, who swears he misses the anxious days that preceded Boninho’s yes: “It gives a nice nostalgia, because I remember exactly everything that happened before to go. And I wish I could tell someone who is going, what it’s like”.

The weeks before the confinement were not easy for Gil. He and his mother caught Covid-19, and uncertainty spoke louder. “I had already done the interviews and was waiting. But I was very convinced that I was going to enter. But I didn’t have the money for anything. And I needed to get money from my college advisor to pay my registration for the PHD exam and for the covid test that the production asked me to. And I was terrified that they wouldn’t refund me. Then I was chipped!”, he recalls, who supported his family with R$2,000 from his master’s scholarship.

With debts, which for him at the time were very high, Gil hardly slept or ate. “It was a lot of anxiety. And when the production called to say that it had passed to another stage, but that nothing guaranteed me in the program, it got worse”, he says. Until the day the last call came: “They said they would come here to record, but that no one could be there. I was like that, I was shaking. And when they arrived they told me that I was on the program and I already had to arrange and go. But my suitcase had been packed for a long time. I was sure”.

A year later, Gil is in Brazil and will follow the entry of the new brothers on TV, until he returns to the USA, still without a specific date. He swears he is not jealous of the new entrants. “It’s not jealousy, but there’s an attachment. From everything I’ve lived in there. I managed, as I said one day I would if I came in, to change the lives of my whole family. , I enrolled my nephews in good schools and if I want to stop working today I still live for about 50 years with what I have. But I’m not a fool to flaunt around, no. I even gave myself some luxuries, like a R$ 15 sneaker a thousand, because I deserve it, right, friend?!”, evaluates him, who believes that if he were the winner he wouldn’t hold back: “I think God does the right things. I wouldn’t have the same availability as Ju (Juliette), I would put dreams, like my PHD, at risk, and I couldn’t do that. Going to the US made me realize too. There I wasn’t the famous Gil of Vigor. I was just another student, sleeping on a mattress on the floor and sharing a house with strangers. It was suffered. I felt too alone, I cried a lot. But it was good to mature and reconnect with the things I want for myself, p thinking about me, only about me”.

The only gap that was not filled in her new life was her relationship with her father. Gil the son and Gil the father even met. But that was it: “He asked me not to mention his name in interviews anymore, that he didn’t feel well and that he didn’t want anything from me. My father, unfortunately, has his problems and I don’t insist anymore. I won’t lie: I helped my family, except for him. If one day I know he needs it, then, yes, it can be. But that’s our relationship. He’s there and I’m here. As it always was”.

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