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Fiuk took pasta from the sink drain and served it to friends at BBB21
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Fiuk took pasta from the sink drain and served it to friends at BBB21

It is not just for bathing that Globo wants participants to fight at BBB22. JB de Oliveira, aka Boninho, had the kitchen project redesigned to encourage confusion at mealtimes as well. Now, the members of Vip and Xepa will cook face to face, within the confines of the reality show.

In the last edition, Globo had already placed one kitchen next to the other. This year, two countertops with a cooktop stove were installed, facing each other. While the Vip group is, for example, cooking better quality meat, the Xepa people will be making do with liver, gizzard or oxtail.

“The kitchens of both groups remain in the internal area of ​​the house, but the participants will prepare meals facing each other due to the new arrangement of the cooktop countertops. Is the bean fight 2.0 coming?”, says Globo. in a statement.

The decor of the kitchens was also revamped. While the Vip side will receive vibrant elements in blue, red and yellow, the Xepa will have shades of brown predominating the space, to increase the contrast.

renewed confessional

Point of outbursts, strategizing and even betrayals to allies, the confessional also has a new face. Although Globo has not released the images, the space was redecorated with the Arcade theme, which is nothing more than the electronic games that were a fever at the end of the last millennium.

“Full of neon lights, the room in the new house is a true immersion in the world of Arcade games, where Atari racing classics and games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Street Fighter shone. welcomes the confined is famous gamer chair, with a design made exclusively for the program. Message given: entered the game, you have to play”, says the broadcaster in a note.

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