God of War on PC helped create improvements for God of War Ragnarok

New accessibility options will reflect how the sequence is developed

Scheduled to officially arrive this Friday (14), the PC version of God of War 2018 helped in the development of improvements to be seen in the God of War Ragnarok sequel. According to the team responsible for the adaptation, the accessibility additions present in it helped to change the way Sony looks at title options and to understand which paths to follow from now on.

Many accessibility options require you to change your pipeline for how you create content. [A adaptação para PC] allowed us to go back in time and review how we were building some of our code”, explained Mila Pavlin, UX and Accessibility Lead, in an interview with the PC Gamer website.

According to her, one of the main changes occurred in the button dedicated to triggering Kratos’ run — which is the L3, in the console version. The developer explained that many people have difficulty clicking the triggers on a controller, which made Sony Santa Monica brought the auto-run option in the PC version of God of War. The game also lets you adjust how long the analog stick needs to be held for the mechanic to activate.

Improvements will help in the creation of God of War Ragnarok

Pavlin explains that, during the development of the PC version, the responsible team had to adapt the accessibility options to all types of controls supported by the game. she explains that the benefits gained by the team will also indirectly reflect on the development of the Ragnarok sequel thanks to the possibility of using a more robust breeding system.

Working on things like remapping keyboards allows us to look at how the pipeline works as a whole, and bring that to all Sony Santa Monica products.”, explained the developer. “So this will help build a better foundation that we can work with in future products.”.

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In addition to new accessibility options, God of War got new animations and bug fixes on PC as a result of offering a game mode adapted for ultrawide monitors. So far, its sequel does not have a confirmed release date, but there is evidence showing that it could arrive in September this year, with versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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Source: PC Gamer

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