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The federal government published the decree that regulates the measures to face the financial impacts on the electricity sector due to water scarcity. Among the measures, published in the DOU (Official Union Gazette) this Friday (14), is the collection of resources through an extraordinary electricity tariff to cover extra expenses caused by the activation of thermoelectric plants.

Decree No. 10,939 provides for the creation and management of the Water Scarcity Account by the CCEE (Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber). This account will receive “resources to cover, in whole or in part, the additional costs arising from the situation of water scarcity”, destined for energy distribution companies.

Even with the summer rains, the water scarcity flag, in effect since September 2021, should last until April 2022. According to the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, the value of R$ 14.20 for every 100 kWh consumed serves to pay for the exceptional energy generation carried out last year.

It will be up to Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) to define the capture limit and the amounts to be paid to the distributors to pay for the extra energy contracted from the thermoelectric plants in order to avoid rationing. The amount will be approved monthly.

The text is signed by President Jair Bolsonaro, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, and the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Marisete Fátima Dadald Pereira.

According to the publication, the possible insufficiency of resources for the payment of financial operations “will be supplied through extraordinary quotas to be collected by the concessionaires and permissionaires of public service of electric energy distribution, in compliance with Aneel’s regulation”.

The use of thermal plants and energy imports from Argentina and Uruguay alone cost R$ 16.8 billion until October. According to data from Aneel, the account accumulates a deficit of R$ 12.35 billion until November.

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