Groom poses with Jojo Todynho in bed and complains about criticism of the couple | celebrities

Jojo Todynho poses with the groom in bed
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Jojo Todynho poses with the groom in bed

Jojo Todynho shared a moment of intimacy with her fiance, 21-year-old Army officer Lucas Souza. The singer of the hit “Que shot was this” published in Stories images of the two lying in bed, in the biggest love and watching the movie “My mother is a piece”.

In the videos, Jojo’s fiancé appears complaining about the criticism he receives on social media because of the relationship.

“People keep pissing me off. They only send me negative messages. People are disturbed, they won’t leave me alone. I don’t need to be listened to [email protected]#$ of people”, he said, warning that, because of this, he is thinking about deleting his profile on Insagram.

The two have been together for five months and got engaged in December. The romance began during Jojo’s trip to Cancun, Mexico, in August. At the time, she was dating the carioca Márcio Felipe, with whom the singer broke up in October.

When announcing the end, the woman herself revealed that she betrayed the boy. “I was the one who hesitated,” she said on the social network at the time.

Jojo Todynho’s fiancé is an army officer and is studying Civil Engineering. Lucas joined the Armed Forces in January 2020 in Curitiba, his hometown.

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