How to differentiate cold, flu and Covid-19

With simultaneous waves of flu and Covid-19 cases happening in different parts of the world, some confusion between symptoms has not been uncommon. The best way to know exactly what you have is testing, however, in some cases, it is possible to differentiate infections by symptoms alone.

The viruses that cause flu and Covid-19 spread in the same way, through the air, through droplets from the nose and mouth of infected people. However, the time between infection with the virus and the appearance of the first symptoms varies from person to person.


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Infections have common symptoms

You can take antipyretics after the vaccine
Fever is a common symptom between flu and Covid-19 infections. Image: Pormezz / Shutterstock

Among the symptoms that are common to the flu and Covid-19 are cough, fever, tiredness and muscle pain. However, it is not common for people with the flu to have a loss of taste or smell, which makes this condition a specific symptom of Covid.

Meanwhile, people with common colds and flu can generate, with greater or lesser intensity, symptoms such as nasal stuffiness and sore throat. The flu, however, tends to cause people to have a high fever, something that doesn’t happen with colds, but can also occur with Covid-19.

Despite being relatively uncommon, it is also possible for the same person to contract a double infection and have both the flu and Covid-19 at the same time. Even though it is not common, co-infection has been given a name: “flurona”, the combination of the words flu (flu in English) and corona.

Flurone should become common

“A co-infection of any kind can be severe or make symptoms worse completely,” said Kristen Coleman, research assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. However, with the advancement of the omicron and the increase of the flu, the cases of flurone are expected to increase.

According to the researcher, the best way to contain both the spread of the flu and Covid-19 is vaccination, since it is safe to immunize against both viruses at the same time. In addition, measures such as the use of masks and social distancing can slow the spread of infections.

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