‘I intend not to stay here all my life, rest assured’, says Bolsonaro

The statement took place during the president’s weekly live (photo: Alan Santos/PR)

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Thursday (01/13) during a live broadcast on social media that he “intends not to stay in the presidency all his life” and that, therefore, “‘people on the left’ could stay ‘quiet'”.

However, in a tone of irony, he amended that, in fact, they should not be “so calm” because when he leaves the Planalto, he intends to leave someone of his profile in the palatial chair. The statement came after the Chief Executive commented that he intends to send it to Congress, as a matter of urgency, so that the Driver’s License is valid for 10 years for drivers up to 75 years of age.

“Congress approved and modified our project. Driver’s License. We sent the project so that until age 65, the driver’s license would be renewed every 10 years. And Congress decided to move it to 50 years. It was still a certain gain. So I agreed with Tarcsio, we are going to send a new project to the parliament, we are going to ask the parliament for urgency, so that the validity of this one every 10 years is up to 75 years of age”, he pointed out.

Bolsonaro justified by exemplifying that the limit for the retirement of ministers in bodies such as the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) and Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) is 75 years.

“After all, what is the age limit for STF staff? 75 years. And for the STJ it’s 75 years. Also for the TCU. For president, there is no. I intend not to stay here all my life, rest assured. People on the left are calm. But it’s not so calm because when I leave, someone from our profile will enter, for sure”, he claimed.

According to the current text, the CNH is valid for ten years for drivers up to 50 years of age. The current five-year term continues for those aged 50 and over. The renewal is every three years, valid only for drivers aged 70 or over.

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